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1) Use REAL information: Using fake names, addresses etc. will result in companies picking up on this and not providing credit for the offer/survey you completed.

2) Accepting Cookies: This is very important. Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer by the websites that you visit. They follow what you do on those websites, and in this case, report back to the advertiser's server when you have completed an offer. So if your computer does not allow cookies to function, the advertiser does not know when you have completed the offer.
The first thing you should do is check the privacy settings in
Internet Explorer. Click Tools, then Internet Options, then the Privacy tab. You should see a slider bar. Drag the slider bar so it displays Accept All Cookies as your privacy setting. Then click the Advanced tab and UNCHECK "Override automatic cookie handling", if it is checked.
For Firefox,
select Tools ---> Options ---> Privacy ---> Cookies, then check "Allow sites to set Cookies"

3) Complete the offer/survey in FULL: You cannot just open up the survey and fill out 1 page and then submit it for approval. You must complete it in it's entirety. It should be pretty obvious when the survey has ended. There might be a page that says "Thank you for participating", "Congratulations", "Thank you, your information has been received", a message to check your e-mail etc.

4) Use different valid e-mail addresses: Some companies don't credit for more than 1 of their  surveys unless you have used a different e-mail address for each of their offers/surveys. (Ie. BigBuck, WSHTS, Surveys For Fun, MID, Genorous Genie, MPG). You can use the same e-mail if you're doing offers from several different companies, but if you do more than 1 from a specific  company, it is good to use different e-mails.

One way to do this easily is set up an account at www.gmail.com

5) Clear your cookies between offers/surveys.
To do this, in IE go to Tools ---> Internet Options ---> Delete ---> Delete cookies.
                     In Firefox, go to Tools ---> Options ---> Cookies ---> Clear Cookies Now

6) Check your e-mail for confirmation/activation e-mails: Not all, but many companies send a confirmation/activation e-mail that they expect you to click in order to receive credit. After having clicked the confirmation/activation link (if one is available), then you can go to the offer, enter that specific e-mail and Mark it As Pending.

7) Let the pages load in Full. Don't just skip to the next page if the page has only loaded half  way If you are still having difficulty or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the
following:  help page  >>>>>>>